Project News

This section will be used as a blog where the latest news and activities of the AdapTT participants will be updated.

Zoi and Nikhil at the MOR Summer School 2018

24 to 28 September 2018, Hamburg, Germany


Zoi and Nikhil attended the Model Order Reduction Summer School 2018. Zoi presented her work on ... Nikhil presented his work on fast forward simulation of RF ablation using the reduced basis method. The summer school provided the opportunity to gain an overview of different methods of model order reduction from experts in the field. Besides this, the summer school also provided a friendly atmosphere for interaction with other young researchers in the field. Lectures were also held on soft skills that are important for researchers.


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Perfused Liver Experiment at LifeTec

Zoi and Nikhil at the Reduces Basis (and friends) Summer School 2017

19 to 22 September 2017, Goslar, Germany


Zoi and Nikhil participated in the Reduced Basis (and friends) Summer School (RBSS) 2017 organized by TU Braunschweig. Nikhil presented his work on mathematical modeling of blood flow effects for hepatic RF ablation. Zoi presented her work on ... Both met with young researchers in the field of reduced basis methods and were able to exchange ideas and gain new insights.


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AdapTT in the 20th anniversary of Marie Sklodowska-Curie events in the Netherlands

Photo by Gerrit Jan Hoogland

8th November 2016, Nemo Science Museum Amsterdam


Our project participated in the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Marie Sklodowska-Curie events in the Netherlands. The event was held at the Nemo Science Museum in Amsterdam.

AdapTT was one out of 10 Marie Curie projects which were presented at this occasion. In addition to a poster we also prepared a poster pitch, meaning a one-minute presentation which tells the essential about a project and its objectives. The poster pitching session, where Teresa presented our project, was a great success and much appreciated by the audience. Rob, the Philips EU project manager, was also present at the event. Our project was even mentioned by the Dutch Minister for Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker, as an example project for a successful cooperation between industry and academia.

AdapTT in the Reflect Symposium

4th November 2016, HTC Eindhoven


The AdapTT fellows are active parts of the Philips PhD Community (PPC) and members of the PPC committee, who are responsible for organizing training, networking, and free time events for all PhDs in Philips. This year Nikhil, Teresa and Zoi co-organized and participated in the Reflect Symposium. An annual event dedicated to presenting the research conducted by PhD students within Philips to our colleagues in Philips research!

Zoi in the Reduced Basis Summer School 2016

Photo: Max Planck Institute Magdeburg

4th-8th October 2016, Kloster Hedersleben


Zoi participated in the Reduced Basis Summer School 2016 and presented her work on needle placement optimization and ideas for the reduced order model of this optimization problem. In the friendly environment of the summer school she could meet other PhD students working on model order reduction for optimization problems, exchange ideas and contact information and acquire a broad overview of the state of the art for reduced order modelling.

Teresa on the MRI pulse programming course in Zurich

Photo by Teresa Nolte

12th - 16th September 2016, Zurich


In September, Teresa participated in a course to learn sequence programming on Philips MRIs. The course was held at the famous ETH Zurich. The teachers were the very experienced pulse programmers from Gyrotools, who offer these courses for MRI researchers since quite some time. Participants came from countries all over Europe and even from Russia and America. It really has been a great international atmosphere to share some knowledge about MRI sequence programming. A special evening was marked by the course dinner. It took place in an ancient Zurich guild house, where the group got to taste the Swiss cuisine. All in all, a very valuable week!

AdapTT in the "Marie Sklodowska Curie 2016 Forum - Where Business and Research Talent Meet"

Photo: European Commission

29th June 2016, The Egg, Brussels


Teresa and Zoi, two of the AdapTT-fellows, together with Ralph, our project manager, and Rob, the Philips EU project manager, participated in the poster session of the MSCA 2016 Forum. During the lunch and poster session we had interesting discussions about our project, being part of an EID and the process of building an industry-academia collaboration in the MSCA framework. Furthermore Rob was a speaker in the panel discussion regarding: "Business engagement: advantages and challenges".

December 14, 2017, LifeTec Group, Eindhoven


In December 2017, we were able to conduct a machine-perfused liver ablation experiment in conjuction with LifeTec Group in Eindhoven. The aim was to experimentally investigate the effects of blood flow on the results of radiofrequency ablation treatments in an ex-vivo, but perfused and viable porcine liver. 3D Color Doppler ultrasound was used to assess the blood flow at the ablation sites. LifeTec's ex-vivo liver setup provides a unique opportunity to conduct experiments in a controlled fashion; moreover, it avoids studies in living animals. Melanie Krueger, employee at LifeTec Group, developed the BioLiver platform in the scope of her PhD thesis at LifeTec within the Marie-Curie project "Biogel".



MoBi 2018 - Poster Prize for AdapTT

16th November 2018, Göttingen


Teresa's poster contribution "Investigation of perfusion effects on radiofrequency ablation treatments: A machine perfused pig liver experiment with 3D color Doppler ultrasound" has won a poster prize at the 2nd GyMIC Molecular Imaging Symposium (MoBi) 2018 meeting in Gottingen. This is a true piece of cooperation within AdapTT, as the poster did not only contain results from the perfused pig liver experiment conducted in December 2017 at LifeTec, Eindhoven, but also part of Nikhil's work simulating perfusion effects for different vessel diameters.